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Fly Girls Revolt

Episode Summary

This week my guest is Eileen Bjorkman the author of Fly Girls Revolt. She served in the U.S. Air Force. She joined the military as an engineer and while at school getting her engineering degree at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) she learned about a squadron at Holloman AFB where she could sit in the back of aircraft for various flight tests. This led to her becoming a Flight Test Engineer. She wanted to write Fly Girls Revolt to highlight her generation and all the things they did to advocate for women to be allowed to fly in combat aircraft. The policy that allowed women to serve in combat aircraft in the Air Force was changed in 1993.

Episode Notes

See full show notes: https://www.airmantomom.com/2023/05/fly-girls-revolt/

Connect with Eileen:

Twitter: @AviationHistGal

website: https://eileenbjorkman.com


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