Women of the Military

From military to millionaire

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Erin is a self-made millionaire who achieved financial freedom through real estate investing in less than four years. To date, she has helped over 600 other investors to build cash flowing real estate portfolios. A U.S. Army Veteran, Erin understands what it’s like to work for “the man” and be limited by a schedule and fixed income. Erin created a system to allow her to live a life by design and now has the time and resources to give back and focus on her family. She is a Realtor ® at eXp Realty and is passionate about growing her team of agents and mentoring them to build the business of their dreams. She currently has 15 agents with plans for continual growth. Erin’s real estate portfolio includes 95 rental units. Erin’s courses and conferences empower investors to dream big and ruthlessly pursue their goals! She has a personal goal of creating a million millionaires!

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