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Re-release What I Wish I Would Have Known When Joining the Military

Episode Summary

I'm closing out the Girl's Guide to the Military Series with by re-releasing episode 42 of the Women of the Military podcast. In it I shared what I wish I would have known before joining the military. The popularity of this episode led me to create my free Girl's Guide to the Military which in then turn led to my new book A Girl's Guide to Military Service. So hear how it all started and check out down below for links to the guide and my new book.

Episode Notes

Listen and hear what I learned while serving in the military and how I hope to use the information I have learned to help others who are considering joining the military. I share the seven things I wish I would have known along with a lot of new stories from my time in the military. If you have other questions about military life comment below and maybe I will pick your question as a future podcast episode idea.

Want to learn more about joining the military check out my free guide: 

A Girl's Guide to the Military

or grab a copy of my book that answers all your questions about military life:

A Girl's Guide to Military Service: Selecting Your Specialty, Preparing for Success, Thriving in Military Life 

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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Decided to Join the Military

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