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Why you need to know about VA Women's Health

Episode Summary

This week my guest is Aryanna Wagner. She is a trainer for the VA Women’s Health Reengagement Training known as VA Women’s HeaRT, she is also an Army veteran, mom, and PhD candidate. In today’s episode we will learn more about how Aryanna’s experience with VA Women’s HeaRT and answer questions about the training program. VA Women’s HeaRT is an official program of the VA Office of Women’s Health and is working to increase the number of women veterans who use VA health care by educating them on what women veteran specific services are available to them and how to enroll. I recently took this course and learned about the health services provided by VA along with specific services offered for women. Did you know only 44% of women veterans are currently enrolled in VA health services which is 8% lower than their male counterparts? This program is working to change that number and help get women veterans enrolled.

Episode Notes

This episode is sponsored by VA Women's HeaRT 

Where to enroll in VA Women's HeaRT? Head over to https://www.womensheart.info/register and you can learn more info at https://www.womensheart.info

See full show notes: https://www.airmantomom.com/2022/12/va-womens-heart/

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